Find the perfect wedding hat for you! A good place to start is with a style that balances your face shape. But that's not necessarily where you'll end up! It is all about balance.

Petit women - should choose smaller wedding hats with small brims and small crowns such as the Butleigh watermelon hat, but to look taller should go for a higher crown with a slope crease such as the Rydale yellow and orange ladies hat.

butleighwatermelonhat 250.jpg rydaleyelloworangec250.jpg

Tall women - should choose larger wedding hats with wider brims and shorter crowns, such as the Teesdale gold and brown ladies hat.

teesdale gold brown c250.jpg

Curvy figures - should choose a wide full brimmed wedding hat. Full figure women should go with curled brims and low crowns, such as the Weardale black and ivory ladies hat.


Long faces should wear wide, low styles or flatted crowns. Try a curl in the brim and avoid narrow brims. Avoid tall wedding hats a wide brim counters the vertical stretch. Pull the brim down to the eyebrows to shorten the face and hide excess forehead. See the Derwent gold and natural ladies hat.

derwent gold & natural autumn 07 f cut 250.jpg

Round faces should wear high crowns or wedding hats with an angular shape. Slim your face with broad or angled brims and a wide, geometric crown. Avoid round brims. The hat crown should be as wide as the face. See the Rose black ladies hat.

rose black 250.jpg

Square faces should soften and lengthen your face with tall or rounded crowns, circular or asymmetrical brims, such as the Teviotdale indigo blue ladies hat.

teviotdale indigo blue c250.jpg

Diamond faces or triangular shaped faces (wide forehead, long chin) - should go for small brims with a big roll and a high crown, such as the Aldbourne light green and black ladies hat.

aldbournegreenhat 250.jpg

Heart shaped faces - look best with tilted asymmetrical wedding hats, such as the Chettle pink and black ladies hat.

chettlepinkhat 250.jpg

Oval faces - everything works on you, small and fitted, wide and curvy, tall and narrow.

grasmere lilac and purple 250.jpg carnation red ivory c250.jpg esthwaite lt brown black c250.jpg