Charney Purple Wedding Hat

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Wedding Hat, Mother of the Bride Hat, Ascot Hat, Ladies Hat

A Louise Oliver Exclusive handmade by our own milliners using the highest quality sinamay

Colour: purple

Brim width/diameter (centimetres): 30

Head Size: approximately 57 centimetres

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Design Name: Charney

This purple hat goes well with natural (off white), lavender, or all shades of pink dresses. If you want to be really chic, contrast it with a black dress. Wear white, lilac, black and green pearls, or semi precious stones such as all shades of amethyst, pink and cherry quartz and blue amazonite.

Buy your Louise Oliver wedding hat first, and then colour co-ordinate your dress. When you get the chance to wear a wedding hat, make the most of it and have fun looking stunning. You can wear a dress any day. At a special occasion people will comment on your hat, rather than your dress.

Louise Oliver millinery is all about colour co-ordinating, rather than colour matching your complete outfit in tones of the same colour, and Louise Oliver is about wearing your hat over and over with different outfits.

“It is important to keep a sense of your own personality, to dress with the bride's taste in mind, not the mother of the bride's; and to let go of the idea that everything must match. Colour co-ordinated accessories are for the Queen and other older royals. Clash-chic is more fun.” The Daily Telegraph, 2nd May 2007

“The rules have changed, and it is considered quite old-fashioned for everything to match. Besides, hats, shoes and bags are so decorative now, it would be a shame to restrict yourself to one colour.” The Daily Telegraph, 27th July 2005

Description: Medium down brim sinamay Wedding hat with tall sloping crown and large flower sinamay design with coque feathers and freshwater pearl cluster